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At BGE ALL Third, Fourth and Fifth grade students are part of AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination).  AVID promotes success for all students and college and career readiness. The four essentials of AVID Elementary are:  Instruction, Culture, Leadership, and Systems. At the Elementary level,  AVID is designed to be embedded into the daily instruction of all elementary classrooms. Currently, all AVID fifth and fourth grade classrooms are designed to promote WICOR (Writing to learn, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, Reading to Learen) throughout the academic day.  Also, all fourth and fifth graders are required to use on a daily basis a binder and an agenda as organizational tools.  "The goal of AVID is to close the achievement gap by preparing students for college readiness and success in a global society!"-AVID Center
AVID Elementary is the foundational component of ACRS that provides sequential, progressive student success skills and is embedded throughout the academic day. In AVID Elementary students’ skills are strengthened using ongoing “Student Success Skills.” These skills include listening, speaking, writing, self-advocacy, note-taking, critical thinking, study, and organization. Students learn organizational tools and practice skills around management and goal-setting.
  • AVID Instruction:
AVID Schoolwide instruction occurs when the entire instructional staff utilizes AVID strategies, best instructional practices, and 21st century tools to ensure college readiness and improves academic performance for all students.
  • AVID Systems:
AVID is Schoolwide when systems are in place that supports governance, curriculum/instruction, data collection/analysis, professional learning, and student/parent outreach to ensure college readiness and improved academic performance for all students.
  • AVID Leadership:
AVID Schoolwide leadership sets the vision and tone that promote college readiness and high expectations for all students.
  • AVID Culture:
AVID Schoolwide is evident when the AVID philosophy progressively shifts beliefs and behaviors resulting in an increase of student meeting college readiness requirements.